Sculpture Workshop

Historical, Archaeological and Tourist destinations


Turkey is extraordinarily rich and diverse in history and culture. We won't even try to cover everything on this website but encourage you to browse the internet, look at travel books and consult with travel agents in order to get an idea of just how much there is to see in this country. There is so much that it would make sense to consider where you would like to go before, after and even during (weekends) the workshop.

Within an approximately 50km radius of Denizli, there are 42 significant archeaological sites dating as far back as 9,000BC. There are also many fascinating towns and cities inland and also on the beautiful Aegean and Mediterranean sea-coasts within a few hours, by car or bus, of Denizli.

During the workshop we will organize and provide weekend excursions to some of these places, including ancient marble cities, quarries , including the Komurcuoglu quarry and other significant places that are relevant to our study of marble sculpture.

Here is a brief list of websites that can be a beginning to your understanding some of the places nearby the workshop: (Pamukkale video) (Note: see school of sculpture)